Ibrahim Father of Faith (Tawheed)

Allah is the Light. (Q24:35)

You have an excellent example in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, ´We wash our hands of you and all that you serve apart from 'Sunnatullah / Nature' God', and we reject you. Between us and you there will be enmity and hatred for ever unless and until you have iman in 'Sunnatullah / Nature' God' alone.´ (Q60:4)

Ḥanīf (Arabic: حنيف‎, Ḥanīf; plural: حنفاء, ḥunafā') meaning "revert" refers to one who, according to Islamic belief, maintained the pure monotheism of the patriarch Abraham. More specifically, in Islamic thought, they are the people who, during the pre-Islamic period or Jahiliyyah, were seen to have rejected idolatry and retained some or all of the tenets of the religion of Abraham (إبراهيم, Ibrāhīm) which was "submission to Nature's God" in its purest form; Wikipedia

The One Who Praised (The One with Soundness, 'MuhammadUN') is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are fierce to the kafirun (unnaturalist, moral relativist, forced justice), merciful to one another. You see them bowing (unite) and prostrating (obedience), seeking Allah´s good favour and His pleasure. Their mark (mission) is on their faces (determination), the traces of prostration (obedience to Nature Alone!). That is their likeness in the Torah. And their likeness in the Injil is that of a seed which puts up a shoot and makes it strong so that it thickens and grows up straight upon its stalk, filling the sowers with delight — so that by them He may infuriate the kuffar. Allah has promised those of them who have iman and do natural actions forgiveness and an immense reward. (Q48:29)