Conditions for Tawba

No iman which a self professes will be of any use to it if it did not have iman (in Musa, Pharaoh and the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory) before and earn good (jihad against Pharaoh) in its iman (Q6:158)

Today We will preserve Pharaoh's body (of governance) so you (the Illuminati) can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs.´ (Q10:92)

Do you think you will find your way to Paradise even though you have not known what the others before you have gone through? They had suffered affliction and loss, and were shaken and tossed about so that even the Apostle had to cry out with his followers: "When will the help of God arrive?" Remember, the help of God is ever at hand. (Q2:214)

Fighting is made mandatory for you, but you dislike it. You may not like something which, in fact, is for your good and something that you may love, in fact, may be evil. God knows, but you do not know. (Q2:216) We said, ´Go down from here as enemies to each other!´ (Q2:36)