True Kuffar

Allah (is) the LordLaw of the Universe. (al-Fatihah 1:2)

We DO NOT MAKE ANY DISTINCTION (divide & conquer) between them. (Q3:84)

(1) The i'tiqad for the study of Natural Law and Ecological Justice.
(2) The i'tiqad for Allah is Nature's God.
(3) The i'tiqad for Hanif is Pure Naturalist.
(4) The i'tiqad for People of Ibrahim is the Ecological Nation.
(5) The i'tiqad for Millah Ibrahim is the Ecological Jurisprudence.
(6) The i'tiqad for Qiyamah (wustha) is the sixth mass extinctions (climate change).

We do not make any distinction between the Ecological Citizens.

No bigotry in Nature and Naturalism; else HYPOCRISY.


Those who reject Allah and His Messengers [HOW?] and THEY WANT TO MAKE A DISTINCTION between (Sunnah) Allah and (Sunnah) His Messengers [AND HIS PEOPLE! Q5:55 and Q3:68], saying, ´We have iman in some and reject the others,´ wanting to take a pathway in between (divide & conquer), such people are the TRUE KUFFAR. (Q4:150-151)

Your friend is only Allah and His Messenger and those who have iman: those who establish (natural duty of) salat and contribute toward betterment, and bow (unite). (Q5:55) The people with the strongest rank to Ibrahim (ie. People of Ibrahim) are those who followed him and this Prophet and those who have iman. Allah is the Protector of the muminun. (Q3:68)