The One (Nature's God) who taught by the PEN. (Q96:4)
By the PEN and all they write (as Human Law) (Q68:1)
Which of you is mad? (Q68:6)

Shall We treat those who have surrendered (to Nature, Natural Law) as Criminals (Human Law)? What's wrong with your logic? How do you judge? Or do you have a Book which you study, so that you may have anything in it you choose? Or do you have oaths which bind Us, extending to the Day of Rising, that you will have whatever you decide? Ask them which of them stands as guarantor for that! Or do they have (Natural) Divine partners? Then let them produce their partners if they are telling the truth! On the Day when legs are bared and they are called on to prostrate, they will not be able to do so. (Q68:35-42)