Natural Law

We have sent you as a Witness (33:45)

 For every nation is a Messenger/Witness. (10:47)

 There was not a nation that a Warner/Witness did not come to it. (35:24)

Messengers/Witnesses of who We have told to you (in this Quran), and Messengers/Witnesses We have not told to (in this Quran). (4:164) We do not make any distinction between them (Messengers not mention in the Quran). (3:84) They want to make a distinction (on the Messengers not mention in the Quran) ... such people are the True Kuffar. (4:150-151)

We have not sent any Messenger/Witness except in the language of his people. (14:4)

I/Rasul was a Witness against them as long I/Rasul remained among them. (5:117)

On that Day We will raise up among every community Witnesses against them from amongst themselves. (16:89)

We will drag out a Witness from each nation and will say, "Produce your evidence!" (28:75)