The i'tiqad of Ibrahim

A fool would abandon Millah Ibrahim. (Q2:130)

It is not for a believing man or believing woman, if God and His messenger issue any command (on "Millah Ibrahim" as your "Deen"), that they have any choice in their decision. And anyone who disobeys God and His messenger, he has gone FAR ASTRAY. (Q33:36)

The "subject": Millah Ibrahim
The "predicate": Islam ("surrender" to what?)

(حَنِيفًا مُّسْلِمًا)

The "subject": Hanif (pure naturalist)
The "predicate": Muslim ("surrender" to what?)

Say (Muhammad): ´My Lord has guided me to a straight path, a well-founded deen, Millah Ibrahim, a Hanif for he was not one of the idolaters (forced justice).´ (Q6:161)
Today I have perfected your deen for you and completed My blessing upon you and I am pleased with surrender (to Millah Ibrahim) as a deen for you. (Q5:3)
Who could have a better deen than someone who submits himself completely to 'Nature's God' (Sunnatullah), and is a natural-doer, and follows Millah Ibrahim, a Hanif? Allah took Ibrahim as an intimate friend! (Q4:125)

The Rasul is the Rasul of Allah, and thus, his Sunnah is the Sunnah of Allah, i.e. Sunnatullah (Law of Nature). He does not have a Sunnah of his own, independent from the Sunnah of Allah (Law of Nature)